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Library Board

The Library Board of Trustees of the Fayette County Public Library is composed of seven resident citizens who have resided for at least two years in Fayette County. Two members of the Board are appointed by the County Council of Fayette County. Two members are appointed by the County Commissioners of Fayette County. Three members are appointed by the Board of School Trustees of Fayette County.

Appointments are for a term of four years. Members serve staggered terms so that no more than one is appointed by each appointing authority each year. All members of the Board serve without compensation.

Board Member Appointed By Current Appt
Nancy Week School Board 2011-2015
Judith Echano milf porn Medina School Board 2014-2017
Cindy Newton School Board 2014-2018
Mike Stevens County Commissioners 2010-2018
Dale buy priligy online Strong, President County Council 2013-2017
Sara Lee-Plough County Commissioners 2012-2015
Mary Alice Devor County Council 2012-2016

updated 8/22/14