Fayette County Public Library


In 1893, a petition was presented to the Connersville City Council for the establishment of a public library. By a unanimous vote the council decided to make a special tax assessment of one-half of one mill for the maintenance of the new library. The library was first opened to the public March 1894 and was kept in a rented room, on the second floor, southeast corner of 5th and Central in Connersville. Miss Mazie Moffett was the first librarian, but she left town soon, and Miss Isabel Ball was appointed librarian in the fall of 1894 and remained until June 1927 when she resigned because of ill health.

Six ladies representing literary clubs of Connersville met shortly thereafter and formed the Library Site Association. An option was taken on the property now occupied by the library - southeast corner of 9th and Grand (part of Conwell Square) at the cost of $6,210.00. Negotiations were opened with Andrew Carnegie in hope of securing a donation with which to build. He gave $20,000 for the building and $1,000 for furniture. The corner stone was laid September 22, 1908. On the afternoon of March 25, 1909, the library building was formally dedicated.

In 1967 the Fayette County Contractual Library was established by the County Commissioners. In 1974 the Fayette County Contractual Library and the Connersville Public Library merged to form the Fayette County Public Library.

The present building of 21,522 square feet, constructed on the same site, was opened for service April 3, 1981 with the dedication being May 3, 1981.