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Articles and Research

How do I find Articles?


The State of Indiana has purchased a database that allows Indiana residents to locate and read articles. 

Reader's Guide to Periodicals

The library has a print subscription to Reader's Guide Periodicals which indexes magazine articles.  Ask a librarian how to use this wonderful tool.


 How do I choose good Websites?
How to chose the site:

  • Is it relevant to the topic?
  • Is it useful?
  • Is it user friendly?
  • Does it charge or require registration?
  • Is it current?
  • Is it factual?
  • Is it reputable?
  • Has it been recommended by a library or other reliable source?

The Library has tons of weblinks throughout this site.

Please realize that just because the library recommends a link does not mean it endorses the information provided.  The Internet is a fluid environment, and a site can change at any time.  If you find a site that does not appear to be correct or appropriate please notify library staff.